The Greenhouse Family: 2 to 8 years old / School: CPE, Daycare, Preschool to 2nd year / In theatre

Rock concert for little ones

The Greenhouse is an all-around rockin’ show!

At center stage, there is a greenhouse. Inside, you can hear a singer, a guitarist, and a drummer playing live music that makes your whole body shake.

Videos and paintings unfold on the set’s four walls, enveloping your senses. One moment you’re face to face with a giant bee, followed by a frenzy of earthworms and gouache paint, a flight over a pastel garden, and wellies tending to the soil.

The whole room is rocking by now! Time stops so we can dance together, let loose, relax… It’s like a much-needed breath of fresh air. Straddling the line between concert and immersive video projection, The Greenhouse calls on songs and visuals to tell the story of hands that sow and water the crops in the hope of a good harvest—combined with the joy of biting into a fresh, sweet carrot!

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Conception and realization

Conception, writting and direction
Karine Sauvé
Érika Tremblay-Roy

English translation
Alexis Diamond

Guillaume Gilbert

Paintings and animation
Élise Lafontaine
Jean-Philippe Thibault

Video Works
Karine Sauvé

Andréanne Deschênes

Technical Wizard
Samuel Thériault

Érika Tremblay-Roy

Claire Deschênes-Roy


Simon Bergeron (drums)
Fred Giguère (vocals)
Guillaume Gilbert (electric guitar)


Production Management
Andréanne Deschênes

Technical Direction
Samuel Thériault

Photos and video production

Sylvain Lussier
Sébastien Croteau from L'inconnu dans le noir Productions

Show Poster

Show Signature
Élise Lafontaine

Graphic editing
Tatou communication visuelle

Le Petit Théâtre de Sherbrooke Company

The mission of Le Petit Théâtre de Sherbrooke is to develop the practice and attendance of theatre in children and youth by placing words and dramatic art at the heart of research and by offering multidisciplinary teams the creative environment that allows them to experiment with the musical, visual and physical languages.

A theatre that defies convention, always looking for new ways to tell a story and make it blossom and to grab young audiences attention by playing with the codes of performance, inviting them to visit a universe that ignites imagination. A theatre that allows for greater freedom of interpretation, giving young audiences’ sensibilities and intelligence a different perspective and trusting their ability to discover new versions of a story. A theatre that cares about showcasing the talent of local artists while establishing new collaborations with companies from abroad, thus multiplying exchange opportunities between creators from different artistic scopes and disciplines.

In 50 years of artistic activity, Le Petit Théâtre has created more than 90 plays presented in Québec, Canada, United States, France, South Korea, Scotland, Belgium, Switzerland and South America.

A word from the creative team

Spring 2020.

Something freezes.

In our streets, in our schools, in our theaters too.

But everywhere, in the backyards, on the grounds, on the balconies, it grows.

All the same.

Like everyone else, we went outside to play.

And we tried to continue doing what we knew how to do best: sow, water, watch it grow.

We cultivated the soft green, the big whips and the yellow fizz of the flowers as so many wonders.

In the garden, as in a performance hall, we sit down, we take the time, we harvest together.

In the garden, as in a performance hall, we cultivate our resistance by creating a space to let a little beauty emerge.

With hands in the dirt, the year has been a little smoother.

Today is the vegetable festival and we finally have a show.

Karine Sauvé and Érika Tremblay-RoyConception, writting and direction

Primary School, CPE and Daycare Centers

Tools for teachers

– Preparatory meeting for going to the theater (duration: 20 min.)

– Accompanying documentation with pedagogical tips: Download the document

– On request: Additional workshop after the show, to discover an artistic technique observed during the performance (duration: 60 minutes)

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Press Review

“Just seeing a few excerpts of The Greenhouse makes you want to get out there and start tilling the soil, harvesting vegetables, and biting into a carrot while listening to rock music!”


Anik MoulinRadio-Canada Estrie, April 15, 2021

“Video images shot in the garden and which will be projected onto a greenhouse which becomes a stage and where, in addition to the projections, drawings, lighting, words, music, songs and rock music coexist.”

Sonia Bolduc Journalist, La Tribune, April 24, 2021

Public Comments

“We had a wonderful time. Congratulations again, and many thanks for these beautiful opportunities you’ve created for our young ones (and for the inner child in all of us).”

Marie-Claude ÉliasMother of two young spectators

“WOW, WOW, WOW! My students and I really loved the show! It was very well adapted, educational, and energizing. What’s more, we had the opportunity to move around and dance! We left with very fond memories.”

Emmanuelle CôtéTeacher, Jean XXIII Elementary School, Sherbrooke

“I’d like to thank you sincerely for the incredible rock show that we experienced last week. My colleagues and I were completely spellbound! The set, the space for the children, the rollout of The Greenhouse, the musicians, the poetry… Everything was WOW!”

Mylène JulienTeacher, Jean XXIII Elementary School, Sherbrooke

Presentation Pack

Technical Document


Familiale : 2 à 8 ans / Scolaire : CPE, Garderie, Préscolaire à 2e année / En salle de spectacle

Novembre 2024

Montréal, Centre des mémoires montréalaises - Biennale CINARS

Juin 2025

Ottawa, Théâtre français du Centre national des arts - Studio Azrieli

Sherbrooke, Centre des arts de la scène Jean-Besré

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